Dan Graham 1942-2022

Artist Dan Graham died yesterday.
There’s a really excellent interview with him from 2009 here: bordercrossingsmag.com/article/dan-graham-mirror-complexities
Love the part about Nauman and Andre thinking materials for their pieces could be returned to the store. And humour in LeWitt. And the story of the three versions of Homes in America, the work that launched his career, the first one without the pictures! (pictures of the spreads below)
Graham was hard to get. There was nobody like him. His work was difficult (the mirror pieces in particular). It stood outside of trends, styles or movements. He was a contrarian, a contrarian’s contrarian maybe.
That he loved magazines, architecture, rock and roll and writing and let those loves inform his work was part of the great “opening up” that was the 60s and 70s, creating many avenues for the artists who followed.
Dan Graham March 31, 1942 – February 19, 2022 Sadly missed.
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