U.S. election November 2016 – Allegorical scene based on a cartoon

image“You have to realize Annie, they can hurt you, really hurt you, leaving scars that will never heal. You can even die! Your life can be snatched away in an instant by carelessness or chance or it can be drawn out of you slowly and painfully. So you have to have respect, and never take anything for granted. We’re not in command of our lives, no matter what we like to think.”

Daddy Warbucks was standing with his back to an enormous fire burning in a hearth so big a man could stand up in it. The blaze threw his shadow clear across the stone floor and up the opposite wall of the cavernous hall, glinting off suits of armour, assorted plaques, trophies, emblems of past glory.

Annie was lying on her tummy on a huge leather couch, playing absentmindedly with a Raggedy Anne doll. “But who are ‘they,’ Daddy?” she asked.

It had been a hard day for Daddy Warbucks. He had lost a contract in a fierce bidding session and, though he had stuck to his principles, he did not like to lose.

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