A Year of Thinking Positively

I’d like to change.

I’d like to be less fearful, anxious, uncertain and unhappy.

I believe the way to get there involves being more positive.

I didn’t come to this conclusion myself. It was only after a family member remarked on how critical I am. Which, if it’s true, is something I would generally think of as being a good thing. You can’t have “good” without some critical disposition towards the mediocre and poor. Or can you?

We think of value as something like a ladder, or a competition. The higher you go, the better you are. And the others are left behind, below.

But these days, something has happened to criticism and it’s relation to value. Criticism isn’t automatically good; it doesn’t sort the more valuable wheat from the less valuable and disposable chaff. Criticism has become an end in itself. Nothing is beyond criticism and, in some circles, intellectual circles, criticism competes with itself to see who can go deeper, further, faster. It’s a competition to obliterate.

That wouldn’t be so bad in itself. Criticism can be fun. It’s certainly more interesting than fawning positivity. Still, the critical disposition sets one apart from others and other things; the side effect of which is discontent and unhappiness.

So, thinking that I should try to be more positive generally, I thought I should check in with a few people I am close to, just to make sure I was going in the right direction. I posted this appeal for direction disquised as a New Year’s greeting.

And thus started this process of reaching out for the positive. What I hope it will be is a blog, daily or as close to it as I can manage.

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