America will never stop paying for Donald Trump

As if it is not insulting enough to the American people to have been duped, lied to and then threatened by Donald Trump, they (all of them) will be paying for the one grievous error (some of them) made by voting for him in 2016. Not only will he receive a salary of over $200,000/yr. and top of the line military style health care but also Secret Service protection for him and his family for the rest of his life.

Paul Noth cartoon, wolf and sheep, from the New Yorker
Cartoonist Paul Noth tells it like it is in the New Yorker

One imagines that Barack Obama is ruing the day he restored the lifetime pension by passing the Former Presidents Protection Act of 2012.[3]Previously, pensions under the Presidents Protection Act were limited (in 1994) to cover only 10 years after a President serves office.

Actually, it doesn’t matter anyway. According to this source: “No president has ever been denied these benefits, and a government legal opinion in 1974 found that even Richard Nixon, who resigned but was not removed, was eligible.”

According to that article in Mother Jones (citing the Washington Post): “While in office, Trump has billed taxpayers more than $1.1. million for Secret Service personnel to stay at his properties, including renting the agency a cottage at his Bedminster golf course for $21,000 per month.

Perhaps some smart young politician in Washington could take it upon themselves to draft a bill stopping this outrageous practice.

If capitalism is the model for the U.S., and the state is some kind of side  project thereof, people who serve in highest office in the land should have made their money already, or inherited it, so they can devote their “free” time to the philanthropic work of making things work better for the rest of us. Perhaps they should even pay for the privilege.

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