Dworkin on CBC’s Weekend Morning Show

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Sunday April 25:  Dear CBC,

It’s very nice of you to have an author in to talk about their new book but this morning’s interview with Professor  Jeffrey Dworkin fell flat, in part because there was no critical pushback, the very thing that plagues journalism today. Prof. Dworkin’s idea of concentrism, mentioned but barely discussed, is interesting but does it really account for the appalling superficiality and doom scrolling of the media today? Typically, for a journalist, he focussed on the audience and the wider context rather than the industry itself.

There seem to be only two “issues” being covered by CBC these days, racism and Covid. Fine. They are important. But it is sickening to hear statistics repeated over and over, the thinnest possible slice, without any real background, research or critical appraisal. I am sure I am not alone in feeling depressed, demoralized and terribly distressed by this relentless stream of not just bad but terrible, catastrophic news.

By all means bring Prof. Dworkin back, or others on this vital topic, but please, do some homework, a la Tom Powers or Eleanor Wachtel, and ask some pointed questions. Those who hold forth as experts need to be held to account, now more than ever. Journalism needs a shake if it’s ever going to shape up. If you have producers for the Weekend Morning Show, put them to work!

Under Disaster Capitalism, the media is a disaster. The least of the problems with it have to do with source authentication. News seems “fake” and can be too easily dismissed as biased when it lacks even basic substantiation and internal critical evaluation.

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