Malware misery

This site and several others I “manage” have been down for a while. My hosting account got hacked and infested with malware. Who are the assholes who do this gratuitous, ignorant shit? All they are doing is hurting people senselessly.

I’d like to thank the good folks at, who have been hosting my feeble web ventures since about… 1997? for being so helpful and working out the backend situation. Pair is an awesome company with the best hosting rates anywhere and service standards beyond compare. I was totally surprised when they embraced WordPress, which is mostly what I work with. Weebly maybe, sometimes.

Who remembers when it was decided that the Internet could carry advertising. Before that it was entirely non-commercial, hosted by universities for the benefit of all. I cried that night. And I wasn’t wrong. All the misery that has ensued has arisen out of commercialism, pure and simple.

I’m getting on now and I haven’t much fight left in me.

But you maybe have more in you. I recommend you defect from all social media. Set up your own website, your own networks of friends. There is so much you can do outside of ‘big data.’

It all starts and stops with you.


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