2021? Really? Who cares?

Perhaps it is the intended effect of crazy people like the Dejected Cheeseburger to drive the rest of us to apathy.

It really is impossible to respond to the inane patter coming from the Whitehouse. One just throws up one’s hands.

Two conversations over the holidays had such effect, both reported to me by relatives after their conversations with other relatives, one in the US and the other in Alberta (no surprise). During both conversations a relative invoked Mr. Trump in  a reverential tone, as if he were a saviour from the corrupt, lying Democrats determined to steal the election and plunge civilization into Soviet-style socialism.

Wow. Breathtaking.

This madness is not going to end anytime soon. Between the wilful blindness, hysteria or brainwashing of so many people and the media’s complete failure to get a credible grip on reality, I’d say we are doomed to more ‘crazy town’ for the rest of 2021.

Which means we need to take real steps to protect ourselves.



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